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Winter Gift Guide

Winter Gift Guide

We round out our top 5 Gifts picks for winter in our Winter Gift Guide. Get inspiration for that perfect gift for those cooler months.

Mulled Wine

Top of our winter list is the ultimate in winter adaptions. Taking our favourite summer preoccupation and literally warming it up.  The secret of course to a fine mulled wine is all in the spices.  A perfect mix of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves paired with a top NZ wine.   Our favourite is the Pepper & Me spice blend. It’s super easy to use as it comes in a handy sachet which means you can use it again with your next bottle!  In fact we love it so much have included in our new Winter Warmer – Mulled Wine Gift Box 


One of natures super foods, honey is great all year round. Perfect in winter due to its containment of rich antioxidants for the blood.   Pop a tablespoon in a glass of warm water or add it to your favourite warm drink. Perfect to calm an inflamed throat or simple to enjoy the natural sweet taste honey provides.


Like honey, chocolate is best enjoyed all year around but in winter there is something about some luxurious dark chocolate enjoyed by a fire.  One of our favourite thing to do though is a little cube of chocolate inside a couple of biscuits with a toasted marshmallow for a little decadent s’more like treat!


Tea is great gift in winter.  We are so lucky in NZ so have some of the world’s top tea suppliers.  Recent trends have seen an exciting shift back to loose leaf tea. With it has come the revival of some beautiful new tea strainers and reusable tea bags.  We love a loose leaf tea, especially a lovely citrus green and we have a great range available in our Make Time for Tea range of gifts.


Nothing warms the cockles of your heart like a beautiful smooth cocktail!  We understand the thought of the work that goes into making just one can mean it’s just too hard! That’s why we have chosen to include cocktails from the J.M.R Cocktail Co range.  They are small batched in NZ and are perfectly proportioned for one or two servings of 100ml cocktail.  Premixed and ready to drink as is or add in your favourite mix and enjoy a couple.  Enjoy an espresso, chocolate or gin martini or go old school and have yourself a Negroni, Old Fashioned or Manhatten.  Looking for something to entertain a group then we have our Shaken not Stirred – 1L of the delightful Batched Espresso Martini mix ready to pour, just add the coffee beans!

Whatever the occasion we have something to help anyone chase away those winter blues.  Looking for something more bespoke don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to chat about options.

Be the exception, by doing the unexpected

Earlier this month it was Valentine’s Day. Throughout the world, millions of lovers eagerly anticipated the validation of their love through flowers, jewellery, food, etc. And let’s be serious, we’re all about the scheduled days for gift-giving, both personally and professionally.

But consider this. Are you more likely to remember an individual gift given on the regularly scheduled day of the year where you might receive several gifts or …

Imagine if on a random Thursday, you’re sitting at your desk after a rough week. You’re daydreaming about a weekend of quiet bliss when Karla from reception calls through to say a parcel has arrived.   You pop down, and she’s looking gleeful as she hands you a package that’s just arrived by courier.  When you open it, it’s a gift box filled with beautiful products. When you flip over the “Just Cos” card on the top, it says “I was just thinking about you and wanted you to know you make my every day better xx”.

  • Which is the story you’re going to talk about?
  • Which one are you still going to be talking about a year later?
  • Which one is going to summon the most emotion?

Unexpected gift-giving doesn’t just thrill in our personal lives. It works wonders in corporate gift-giving too.

You can and should of course hit those expected gifting events, such as point of sale, re-signing a client, and Christmas. But if you want to really stand out consider sending an unexpected gift.

This type of strategic gifting takes you from ’just another gift among the masses’ to a stand-alone mood lifter.

Whether you’re looking to increase your customer retention, land that elusive new client or on-board the client of your dreams unexpected gift-giving is an opportunity to create a memory and develop your own unique story with them.

Nine times out of ten the response to receiving your gift will be to reach out and say thank you. Which means you’ve now you’ve got an opportunity to engage with that person and put in place a positive narrative about your brand. You’ve got another opportunity to be remembered by them and everyone they’ll share this experience with.

Business success relies heavily on our ability to build strong relationships and strategic gifting is feel good marketing at its best.

In the words of Anne Frank ‘No one has ever become poor by giving’.

Humans are hardwired for connection and as we navigate an increasing digitally dominated workspace finding those personal interactions become even more key to building strong lasting partnerships.

We’d love to help you send the right unexpected gifts to your clients and employees.

Contact us to find out how we can help you build relationship with gifts.

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