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Struggling to find time for
corporate gifting?

We’ll design and execute a gifting strategy that strengthens your most important relationships

Gifts are powerful. They have the ability to boost referrals, foster repeat business and lift staff retention.

When you send gifts to your clients, employees, referrers and other important people within your network, you take these relationships to a deeper level, putting yourself one step ahead of competitors.

But corporate gifting can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive.

And there’s an art to gifting. A poorly-chosen gift will make an impression for all the wrong reasons — or just get tossed out and forgotten.

If your business is struggling to manage corporate gifting, or you’re continually putting it in the too-hard basket, we can help.

We will:

Design an effective gifting strategy for your business

Manage your gifting budget and ensure you’re getting good value for money

Help you choose the perfect gifts that send the right message

Send the gifts on your behalf

Take care of the entire process for you

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We’ll help you create a year-round gifting programme and work with you on an ongoing basis to put that programme into action. It’s a set-and-forget system, freeing up your time so you can focus on what you do best.

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Why work with us:

We’re immersed in gifting every single day, so we know the best products

We have strong relationships and bulk discounts with suppliers

We’re efficient and can get the job done quickly

We know that details matter, so we put thought and attention into every gift

We genuinely care about your business and want to see it thrive

When you work with us, nothing is out of scope. Want to add a voucher so your client can go out for dinner? Or a seedling they can plant in their garden? No problem, we’ll source whatever you need.

We love helping our clients come up with creative gift ideas and aren’t afraid to push boundaries. Whether you want to send an environmentally-conscious gift from a local manufacturer or something completely unexpected that’ll give your clients a laugh, we’ll help you find the right thing.


Can you do branded gifts and packaging

Absolutely! Want a subtle nod to your branding? Everything emblazoned with your logo and brand colours? Whatever you’re after, we’ll get it sorted. We can organise branding or send branded items and/or packaging supplied by you.

Will the recipients know you’ve sent the gifts on our behalf?

Not if you don’t want them to. If preferred, we’re more than happy to remove all our branding from the gift boxes so it looks like you’ve sent them directly.

If you’re managing our gifting programme, can you send extra gifts for us?

We certainly can! If you want to send an ad-hoc gift (for example, to appease a client after a mishap or celebrate a staff member’s engagement), just get in touch. We’ll sort the gift, arrange delivery and invoice as needed.

What types of businesses do you work with?

We work with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, from real estate agents and mortgage brokers right through to luxury car yards and OSH training providers.

How It Works


Initial Meeting

We’ll start with a free consultation. This no-obligation chat can take place over the phone or in person, depending on your location and preference.

During this consultation, we’ll talk about your brand message and come up with a gifting plan for your business. Together, we’ll decide what kind of gifts will send the right message and suit your brand personality, whether that’s formal and professional or lighthearted and fun.

We’ll design a long-term gifting programme for your business, with pre-determined gift deliveries scheduled throughout this timeframe. Whether you want to send an onboarding gift and Christmas present to each client or send gifts at unexpected times (perhaps six months after working together), we’ll create an effective strategy that’s tailored to your business.

Giftology corporate gifts - initial meeting
Giftology corporate gifts - proposal



We’ll send you a proposal with a few options to consider.

Each option will have a fixed price, which includes: gifts, packaging, branding/printing, delivery and admin.

The admin fee will be outlined clearly, so you can see exactly how much you’re paying for our time (and weigh this up against the time it would take to manage everything in-house).


Ongoing management

From here, we’ll send each gift on your behalf and take care of all the logistics.

We’ll notify you once each gift has been sent, providing a tracking number in case you want to check the status.

We keep an eye on each tracking number to ensure all gifts have been delivered. If there are any delays or issues, we’ll liaise with the courier company on your behalf to arrange a return or redirect.

Your gifting programme will run smoothly in the background, so you can get back to business and focus on what you do best.

Giftology corporate gifts - ongoing managment
Want us to manage your
Corporate Gifting?

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