Perfecting the Science of Giving


Our Mission is to create a memory from every gift you give.

Relationships are important and they are defined by the memories you leave people with. At Giftology, our role is to help facilitate and curate timeless memories for our clients. By understanding that it’s not the thought that counts, it’s a thoughtful thought that counts, we assist our clients in sending messages through their client gifts which will nurture and grow their brand recognition and long-term loyalty with their customers.

“It’s one thing to be on the top of someone’s mind for a few minute’s – it’s something more if you can stay there indefinitely”

What Our Clients Say

We were incredibly impressed with the energy, love and care given to improving our gift program and the deep understanding Mel & Fi had of our intentions and the importance of the relationships involved.

The attention to detail and the organisation in the back end of Giftology is second to none and because of the way our clients have been cared for we have been able to extend the gift program out to 5 years with confidence.

Giftology is now an integral part of the success of our business and
we are grateful to have them as part of our team.

– Lauren Davies – Co-Owner Ray White Carpenter Realty

Having one ‘Raving Fan’ is worth more than 100 satisfied customers – let us help you convert your clients into fans today, with unique personalised gifts.

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